We have no directors, managers, or large number of administration staff. Our small team of skilled, experienced, and hardworking tradespeople provide extraordinary quality, with fast and tidy services. We call ourselves fixers: we know how to fix or solve maintenance problems. We also know which sort of work is required in your home or investment property that will attract buyers.

Is there anything that CHIM can’t do? If that is the case, we will contact our trade friends in other industries (such as alarm security systems, landscaping professionals) to help with anything that is required for successful and on time completion.

CHIM works on a very simple basis: you call us! We welcome you and discuss your needs with no obligation. We will offer the best way to handle your project to achieve market success. Whether you require the cheapest or a little bit more expensive option depends on your budget, but our goal will be the same.

Premium Paints & Coverings

Perth has one of the harshest climates with the sun, salty sea breeze and warm easterly wind, which is why it’s important to choose the right paint or covering suitable for your home’s location.

Quality Fixtures & Fittings

We can replace taps, sinks, shower heads, handles and all other fitting or fixture using leading quality brands that will last the test of time.

Experienced Team

Don’t trust you home or rental property to just anyone.  The team at CHIM is very experienced, having worked in a range of construction, maintenance, building and design capabilities.  We have the skills and experience to do the job right the first time.

Trusted By The Industries’ Best

At CHIM we have worked hard to build a strong reputation for delivering high quality service without cutting corners. We have worked with some of Perth’s premium home builders and are trusted to deliver a quality job each and every time.